Patient Results: Motorcycle Accident

Below are x-rays from one of our more challenging patients. He was hit by a van while on a motorcycle, resulting in a shattered pelvis, tibia and fibula on the left side. His shattered and broken bones required chains, rods, screws, pins, and even pieces of his own bone and coral in order to be fixed. On top of this, he lost the ability to lift his left foot, a condition called drop-foot, due to nerve damage.


Pre-chiropractic care.

The patient came to us after 10 years of physical therapy. He was still suffering with severe pain from the accident, with 10/10 pain in his left lower back, hip, lower leg and foot related to the nerve damage. Due to the excruciating pain, he couldn’t drive for more than 15 minutes or perform simple household tasks like vacuuming and lawn care.

The x-rays of his pelvis after receiving chiropractic care are shown below. In just 2 adjustments he experienced a 50% decrease in his pain levels that correlate with the changes in structure between the first and second x-ray. After 6 weeks of care, the patient was able to drive in the car for multiple hours and perform tasks such as light yard work and could even work out. All of these improvements are related to the changes in the structure of his spine. The accident had displaced the bones in his pelvis and lower spine, which was compressing the nerves that controlled the entire left leg. By correcting the structure of the spine, he has gained more control of his leg with less pain.


After two adjustments.


After 6 weeks of chiropractic care.

As you can see with this extreme case, chiropractic care can alleviate pain both mild and severe. Whether you’re experiencing pain from a car accident or just normal wear and tear, we can help! Call us today at (717) 517-8195 to schedule an initial visit. The cost of new patient visits is just $25, all of which we donate directly to the Lancaster County SPCA.

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