Surgery doesn’t fix everything


It’s a common misconception that those who have had back or neck surgery don’t need to or can’t go to the chiropractor. That couldn’t be further from the truth – chiropractic care can still benefit those still experiencing pain post-surgery.

Below are x-rays from a 53 year old male patient that has suffered from neck pain for over ten years as a result of multiple car accidents and sports injuries. A surgeon fused two vertebra in his neck, but even after surgery the pain persisted. The surgery was a temporary fix that didn’t correct the root of the problem.

After four months of specific chiropractic care at OWL Chiropractic his neck problems have resolved.  Below you can see the measurable improvements on his x-rays.  Note the improvement of the angle of the atlas (C1) as well as the improvement of the curve in his neck.  Restoring proper structure to the spine alleviates pressure on his spinal cord and vertebral discs, resulting in his symptom resolution.


Here at OWL Chiropractic, we’re able to take on the challenge of adjusting patients that have had neck or back surgery, due to our state of the art tools, advanced analysis, and technique. If you’ve had surgery but still experience pain, we can help! Give us a call at (717) 517-8195 to schedule an appointment.


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