What Sets us Apart

At OWL Chiropractic Center, Dr. Lynn and Dr. Scott use the latest technology to conduct examinations and deliver tailored chiropractic adjustments. 

thermal-scanInfrared Thermal Scanning:

Infrared thermal scanning identifies imbalances of the nervous system. This helps us pinpoint issues specific to each patient, allowing us to customize more efficient care plans.

IMG_5737High-resolution digital x-ray analysis

Research has shown that palpating (or feeling) the spine alone is not reliable in locating the area of dysfunction. Precise measurements on high quality digital x-ray imaging matched with a complete physical exam of your spine allows for a more accurate assessment of the subluxations in your spine.

Custom Spinal Adjustments

Adjustments to correct subluxations of the spine are delivered either by hand on low-force drop tables, with the Activator instrument, or with the Variable Frequency adjuster.

If you have further questions about the state-of-the-art technology we use, don’t hesitate to contact us at 717-517-8195.