“I’ve been a migraine sufferer for most of my life and have been through rounds of tests and endless medication trials. It wasn’t until I started treatment at OWL Chiropractic with Dr. Scott and Dr. Lynn that I regained a sense of quality of life. They explained to me in a way that no one previously had what was going on with my body and how our systems affect one another, and from there created a personalized plan to get me feeling better. Instead of treating my symptoms, they recognized the underlying causes and started there. I celebrated my first month of being headache-free in as long as I can remember in March of 2016 and have since been able to exercise regularly, enjoy the day-to-day, work more effectively, and most importantly, recognize that medication does not have to be the first line of defense for symptoms.

The OWL office is always very clean and comfortable, patients don’t wait more than a few minutes to be seen, and scheduling is a breeze. Dr. Lynn and Dr. Scott are extremely flexible to their patients’ needs and schedules; sometimes a bad day warrants an unexpected visit, which is always welcomed. I highly recommend OWL for chiropractic care; and another great benefit – your first visit for an evaluation is free with a donation to Pressley Ridge Foster Care and Adoption Services.”
– Erin G.

“Our family loves our adjustments! We’ve been patients of Dr. Scott and Dr. Lynn for 2 years now and with their knowledge they have virtually eliminated my daughters scoliosis and helped me, a chronic back pain sufferer, live pain free. I also went from having at least 1 migraine a week to having one maybe once a month. We wouldn’t go any place else!”
– Amanda B.

“Dr. Scott and Dr. Lynn truly saved my quality of life. I went from an unfortunate series of events (brain/neck surgery, then car accident) to an almost daily pain-free life. Prior to finding OWL, I was in daily pain and today it’s rare I have high pain days. I never thought this was possible. I felt that pain was just going to be part of my life. It doesn’t have to be! After just a few months of treatment and now maintenance, I’m living life to the fullest. Thank you, OWL! Best part – OWL docs make things so easy. Appointments are so quick that I can head over on my lunch break AND still eat lunch. Thank you probably isn’t enough… I am blessed!”
– Adriane F.

“Dr. Lynn and Dr. Scott are true professionals. They truly care about their patients and explain every step of your treatment as it progresses. Their treatment has eased years of back and neck pain and has also helped boost my low white blood counts due to cancer treatment.”
– Kamie G.

“I’m on my second week of treatments at OWL chiropractic for migraines. I’ve suffered from chronic migraine since I was in the sixth grade, and have seen multiple family practitioners, neurologists, and have tried every Western treatment in the book to combat them (and due to allergies, I am unable to take several medications, which leaves me suffering during migraine attacks and in the ER). A friend suggested OWL for treatment and after just five adjustments I am noticing a difference in my migraines.They have detected things that no other chiropractor has noticed and things that no family practitioner or neurologist had ever suggested. They use thermal imaging, x-rays and traditional methods to detect issues. I am so pleased with their clear expertise and the friendly demeanor of everyone in the office! I can do the activities I had been missing (exercise and drinking wine among them) which I had been thinking all along were triggers. I’m looking forward to the next year in their care and will be writing follow-ups!”
– Amy G.

“I could probably write a novel about how obsessed I am with OWL Chiropractic. Not only is their office GORGEOUS with its hardwood floors, unique color palette and owl theme, but Dr. Lynn and Dr. Scott are the warmest, most talented professionals. The care I received at their office is incomparable to any care I have EVER received from a doctor. At the first visit, initial x-rays are taken (crucial) to diagnose problems, then Dr. Lynn and Dr. Scott discuss care plan options. Both doctors are extremely accommodating and easy to work with. Patient progress is evaluated through weekly visits and discussed at scheduled evaluation meetings. I was a competitive gymnast and an avid texter my whole life… so when I came to OWL with a whole compilation of old injuries, cervical/lumbar spine pain with numbness in both arms/ hands, – I was positive I was a lost cause. And with a bodybuilding competition coming up 6 months from my first appointment, I was sure I would have to back out. After diagnosing my issues, Dr. Lynn and Dr. Scott developed a game plan to get my body to function properly again. Through weekly adjustments and a few lifestyle changes, I can ecstatically say, 4 months later, I feel 90% better and I am able to compete in my competition! After being in pain for years and no doctor diagnosing me correctly… pain and numbness had just become a way of life for me. Until now. I am SO relieved to be under Dr. Lynn and Dr. Scott’s care. I HIGHLY recommend OWL to anyone in need of chiropractic work. Though my scheduled care plan is a 12 month plan, I’m thinking about coming much longer. Thank you Dr. Lynn and Dr. Scott! Thank you, also, to Carol – the sweetest, friendliest receptionist/ back scanner who never fails to put a smile on my face!”
– Cece H.

“The staff are very knowledgeable and very friendly. Since starting at OWL Chiropractic my energy levels increased, my allergies improved along with my nagging cough. I’m very thankful for the person who referred me.”
– Marge W.

May be edited for length or clarity.